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What Separates Better 4 You Meals From Other Services?

Since 2011, Better 4 You Meals (B4YM) has provided charter schools in Southern California with meal services, including breakfast, lunch, and supper menus. Today, Better 4 You Meals provides 220 schools with over 70,000 meals every day. There are a number of things that separate B4YM’s offering from other providers, including the following:

1. Price – Due to the volume of orders that B4YM fulfills, it is able to provide clients with low prices that fall below both state and federal reimbursement rates. Some schools can even generate revenue through investing in the B4YM service.

2. Expertise – The B4YM team combines years of working in charter schools and Charter Management Organizations. As such, B4YM employees can help the schools plan and execute their food programs and ensure they meet compliance requirements.

3. Quality and variety – Sourcing the highest quality produce to ensure the creation of nutritious meals is a priority. Working with local vendors, B4YM offers foods that meet California State and United States Department of Agriculture requirements. Further, it creates variety in its menus to ensure diners don’t lose interest in its offering.


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