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The USDA’s Informative, Healthy-Eating MyPlate Site

Headquartered in Southern California, Better 4 You Meals provides meal catering services to Los Angeles and San Bernardino county schools and serves approximately 30,000 meals on a daily basis. Better 4 You Meals has its roots in the efforts and concerns of charter school leaders who wanted to expand nutritious school meal options that met the needs of students from families of low income.

The company's website includes healthy eating resources such as links to MyPlate. A project of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, helps define healthy eating in a fun, informative manner. An emphasis is on building a diet that incorporates the full range of food groups, from fruits and vegetables to grains and protein-rich foods.

Just as importantly, MyPlate users can identify their optimal portion size and number of calories for each meal, which helps them avoid issues associated with being overweight, including diabetes and heart disease. The ideal calorie range changes with variables such as height, weight, sex, and the level of physical activity undertaken on a daily basis.

A tool provided to assist with these calculations is the SuperTracker app, which encourages individuals and school groups to monitor their actual food intake and create fun, competitive healthy-eating challenges.


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