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The B4YM Ticket 2 Wellness Program

Better 4 You Meals is a food services company established in 2011 by a number of California charter school leaders. Better 4 You Meals (B4YM) has quickly established itself as one of the state’s largest providers of school breakfasts, with more than 18,000 served at over 220 schools every morning.

The B4YM team works towards enhancing student engagement through a number of techniques and special services, including the Ticket 2 Wellness program. Presented to students as a game, the program encourages kids to take advantage of nutritious meal programs in hopes of uncovering a special Wellness Ticket. Students who find a ticket, which can be served several times per month during B4YM food services, can exchange the ticket for chance to win a monthly grand prize.

The organization works closely with schools to determine the most effective kinds of prizes and methods of distribution, though common options include gift cards or the opportunity for a free dress day. More information about the Ticket 2 Wellness program, as well as other B4YM food services, can be found at

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