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Better 4 You Meals Offers Healthy Options to California Students

Better 4 You Meals

Better 4 You Meals provides more than 70,000 meals to students in private and charter schools within the San Bernardino and greater Los Angeles areas each day. To meet the nutritional needs of children in Southern California, leaders from prominent charter management organizations and charter schools started Better 4 You Meals and ensures the highest quality standards in the delivery of their meal services on regular school days and for special events.

Better 4 You Meals strives to offer fun menus and entertaining event specials to keep children and adults excited about their meals. Some of the catering options include the:
• Panera Breakfast Pack
• Deluxe On-site BBQ
• Mexican Plate Combo
• Lasagna and Salad Meal
Organizations also have the ability to add soda, tea, juices, or bottled water to catered event orders.
Aside from providing meal services to students, Better 4 You Meals also caters breakfasts and lunches for staff training and other employee team gatherings. Better 4 You Meals even offers a mobile barbecue trailer to spice up food delivery for special events like grade promotions, jog-a-thons, and academic success celebrations.

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