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Better 4 You Meals' Extensive Lunch Options

Better 4 You Meals

Launched in 2011 as a breakfast service for charter schools in Southern California, Better 4 You Meals has since expanded to offer lunch and after-school suppers. As of 2017, Better 4 You Meals (B4YM) serves more than 30,000 lunches per day.

Upon expanding its meal services, B4YM sought out local farmers, growers, vendors, and co-packers to provide students with healthy and delicious lunch options. Adhering to the National School Lunch Program guidelines, B4YM creates its lunch menu under the guideline that students will try new dishes or vegetables and fruits if they're visually appealing. As such, the company offers enticing meal options such as chicken fajitas with rice and beans, a cranberry chicken salad sandwich, a turkey and hummus pita sandwich, and a beef and veggie picadillo with rice. The monthly menu is constantly updated with little to no repeat meals in any given month.
Additionally, B4YM gives participating schools the option to include one Pick Up Stix healthy Asian cuisine meal per month at no additional charge. The company also owns a mobile barbecue trailer, which can be transported to schools for special events.

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