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    Better 4 You Meals (B4YM) is a Commerce, California, catering firm that serves more than 70,000 meals each day at more than 220 schools spanning San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. Better 4 You Meals was established in 2011 by charter school leaders who responded to a call for expanded meals options, particularly breakfast services that would meet the needs of students from low-income families.

    The school meal provider has established a reputation for complying with National School Lunch Program guidelines while placing an emphasis on healthy vegetables and fruits. B4YM provides variety in its certified menus and engages with a number of schools in providing salad bars.

    The B4YM breakfast menu is designed to improve a situation in which many students do not partake of morning meals. For a number of students, coming to class hungry is not a choice, as there is not enough to eat at home. Having a nutritious B4YM breakfast meal available is associated by teachers with driving increased student concentration and improved academic performance.

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